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Why is the printed paper bag still not bright enough when it has run out of oil?

Regarding paper bag printing, there is a lot of knowledge. Today, the small editor came to talk to you about the problem of gloss in paper bag printing procedures. Paper bags are printed in order to increase the beauty of the paper bags, but some customers will find that the paper bags are not as bright as they think. Why is this?
Unreasonable ink ratio will affect the gloss of paper bag printing. If you use more ink, it is easy to form a water-coated oil state. When the water is dry, it will show that the ink is scarce and the amount of ink can not be reached. Of course, the gloss of your print is not ideal. Because the wetting liquid printed in the bag shopping bag is acidic, we all know that acid is very corrosive, not only decomposing ink, but also damaging paper. Therefore, in order to maintain the luster of the paper bag shopping bag printing, we must first improve the printing moisturiser and optimize the acid and alkali without affecting it.
We all know that it is too late to improve the gloss of printed paper bags. Auxiliary equipment can solve many of the problems we encounter in printing, but it also brings many problems. The gloss of the printed product is one of them, so we added an aid. We must follow the principle of moderation. Improper equipment adjustment will also have a great impact on the surface gloss of paper bag shopping bags. We all know that printing is actually very simple. It is to eliminate their control over the surface of the print and form a layer of ink. If the ink layer does not meet the standard due to machine reasons, the gloss of the printed surface may be very low.
Add shiny ingredients, a new kind of material that will improve the gloss of your bag shopping bag, but no matter how good the food is, it's just mild.
There are many factors that make the surface of the paper bag not bright enough. The above are the few points cited by everyone. Second, when printing paper bags should also be selected good printers, they will be more experienced, printing technology, printing equipment is relatively mature and perfect. Shanghai Mai Wo package focused on paper bag printing for more than 10 years, has been constantly innovating and improving, if you want to customize paper bags, please come to consult us Shanghai Shanghai Hurui packaging bar.


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