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Custom Paper gift box should pay attention to?

Custom paper gift box should pay attention to?

gift box set is a kind of indispensable items, from the protection of goods to expand publicity packaging carton all play a role of their own. For the design of the packaging need to decide, based on the requirements of different material, thickness, size, and even printing all bring different effect, so you need to pay attention to when custom carton considering from the following aspects:


1, gift boxes. Material suitable for the production of packaging has a lot of it, so you should consider to transfer the weight of things before custom, and then choose the appropriate for its cartons material. Usually use corrugated paper to make paper boxes, for some canned food packing box can also use the kraft paper making.


2, gift boxes. The thicker the thickness of the protective performance is better, if is the use of corrugated carton, under the same gram weight, stare blankly shape, the higher the cushioning performance is better, but the hardness will be worse, vice versa. For this you will need to undertake choosing according to specific stowage.


3, the size of the little gift boxes. Packaging carton can be customized according to the size of the goods, try to conform to the goods size is not a waste of paper, such not only can save cost and resource conservation as a force for environmental protection.



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